XBRL Filing

XBRL Filing

XBRL tagging and filing is now mandated by the SEC for companies of all sizes. For many organizations, XBRL adds another layer of reporting and complexity to their filing requirements. With the SEC enforcing XBRL requirements, it’s essential that your XBRL tagging is done properly and accurate to meet current guidelines.

Let the experts at Zenhancer help! Our in-house CPAs and XBRL specialists work closely with you to ensure that all your filing needs are met. Available 24×7, our team provides you with personalized solutions to help you manage every step of the process. We will review and analyze financials by applying the SEC compliant taxonomies to your company documents.

Unlike other XBRL services, everything is handled in-house by Zenhancer experts. We do not outsource any piece of the XBRL or EDGAR production process. We can take your XBRL changes over the phone and send you a proof within minutes. Our flat-rate pricing means that you will never be charged for rush orders or last minute changes

XBRL is a flexible, multi-dimensional, and standardized electronic format for the dissemination of structured financial data and information.

XBRL Filing represents the state of the art in the reporting and filing industry. In contrast to one-dimensional HTML or ‘paper-locked’ financial reports, XBRL is a flexible, multi-dimensional, and standardized electronic format for the dissemination of structured financial data and information. XBRL accomplishes this by applying taxonomies (definitions) to the financial data through both tagging and mapping. And once properly tagged, your financial data and information can be transmitted, synthesized, and extracted in an almost endless number of ways. Your financial information becomes instantaneously available to a global audience whether accessed through your IR website, research portals, desktops or wherever investors and/or regulators need to view your company’s data.

The process of converting your documents into XBRL format is not easy and can be time consuming. Our XBRL experts can walk you through the ins and outs of this process and streamline an approach that will work best for you.

Zenhancer Technologies use of XBRL tagging and mapping is done by accounting professionals. We carefully prepare each report and ensure that the finished product is in complete compliance. We also offer a standard price for XBRL submissions, regardless of their size. You can feel confident that you are getting the best value for your reporting dollar.

Our team of XBRL experts is very quick and accurate with your financial data. We can simplify the XBRL process for you, and through the use of appropriate taxonomies take the pain away that a lot of companies feel when they attempt to tag and map XBRL on their own. Let us do what we do best, so that your senior team can focus on what they do best – let us become your integral partner.

Zenhancer Helps You Post XBRL Documents to Your Website!

The SEC requires that you post XBRL documents on your Website making it easy for investors to find the information. Let Zenhancer simplify your web postings with our XBRL Widget. The Zenhancer XBRL Widget allows you to quickly post XBRL documents to your corporate or investor relations website within 2 hours of filings!

Benefits of XBRL

  • Financial Transparency –  Detailed XBRL data information protects capital markets so there is transparency in business and financial reporting. The result is improved financial reporting to investors and analysts. Financial data becomes easily searched, downloaded and analyzed by the public.
  • Single Source of Data –  XBRL data is quickly becoming the single source of data for third-party investment sites. It improves the flow of your business and financial information to the investing community.
  • Streamlined Financial Reporting –  Leveraging XBRL, companies gain control of their own internal reporting processes to streamline the reporting process to the SEC.

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