Pay Per Click

Businesses across all industries can benefit from the immediate advantages paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, provides. PPC advertising offers you immediate search engine visibility, a definite plus when you are building a new site, or working on obtaining better search engine visibility.

With over a decade of experience in PPC, we can place your adverts across the major search engines using the most relevant keywords or phrases to your business. Whether you are a national brand or a local business, this helps you reach your target audience and increases visits to your website with high quality clicks through inventive, targeted ads to help you grow your business online.

  • 70% the percentage of users who find a website via search engines
  • 24m the amount of impressions from our PPC ads in the last month
  • 93% the share that Google has of across the globe search engine market

Google certified partners

Accredited Google Partner with fully qualified staff; this allows us to stay ahead of the curve with latest features and share our experience to deliver excellent results.

Keyword match types

Gives flexibility with keyword choices and identifies new keyword variations, reaching an initial broad audience right away.

Landing page optimization

Improve key metrics across the site to help stand out from your competitors and help lead to a better sales / lead rate.

Display remarketing campaigns

Show your products or brand to users who have already visited your site - maximizing your brand awareness and boosting sales/leads.

Product feeds (Google shopping campaigns)

Pre-qualifies the clicks when the ad contains product image, price and description allowing for a better sales rate and improved CPA.

Introduce new search platforms

We target new audiences outside of the Google network such as Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon and Lead Impact to name a few to expand online awareness.

PPC Creatives

Pay Per Click advertisements have to be written to very strict guidelines. We are experts at working within these guidelines to produce tight, focused copy that's proven to produce results and improve your Quality Score.

Pay Per Click Tracking

PPC tracking provides you with details of those people who perform an action (for example make a purchase and complete a form) as a result of your PPC advertising. This allows us to assess the effectiveness of your campaign and provides us with the detail to adjust your campaign appropriately.

PPC Analysis

Pay Per Click campaigns offer unprecedented levels of customer intelligence which we can use to assess what the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign are and adjust your campaign appropriately.

In addition, deeper analysis is provided for each phrase: no. of impressions, no. of clicks, average click-through rate, average cost per click etc.

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