ePub Conversion

ePub Conversion

Zenhancer Technologies offers a high quality ePub conversion service to reflect your original work. Our team hand codes your ePub3 for high quality ePub3 conversion.

With the rising fondness of eBooks among readers, ePub format has indeed turned out to be one of the most preferred standards. Being an open standard it provides for reflow able and resizable content. Zenhancer Technologies as a high quality ePub conversion company that provides for rationalized processes that add value to the digitization solutions.

ePub3 formatting services is of huge demand these days. This format is in fact the upgraded version of ePub. Our ePub3 conversion services are lined up with customary technological values and we possess all obligatory expertise it demands for the process. Some important highlights of this format are audio and video in sync with HTML5 tags, vector graphics and Math ML apart from support in major international languages.

Making maximum use of the rich features of this format, we ensure comfortable and pleasant experience to the eyes of readers. The increasing favoritism of this format is obliged to:

  • Its great multimedia display aspects
  • CSS features
  • Navigation features
  • Embedded grammar support
  • Global typography
  • Reader friendliness

How we gained the repute that we enjoy today?

In the present market where everyone claims to offer the best, only few are efficient to prove their worth.

ZENHANCER TECHNOLOGIES , being an expert digitization company has always been a torchbearer to experiment creative ideas in the niche of ePub conversion; this has always won us customer applauds.

There are more than a few reasons why people choose us repeatedly

  • With expert workforce assisted by most advanced and sophisticated software, we provide superlative solutions.
  • Our team of experts assures professionalism, and your preferences or suggestions will be adequately implemented.
  • We create adaptation that is compatible with all popular eBook retailers as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Google.
  • The security of your confidential information is guaranteed. We follow most progressive and proven security practices.

Conversion of your documents into great quality eBooks can be quite complicated but we make the digitization easy with our expertise, commitment and compliance to best customary practices. To keep up with the expectations of your audience, we offer a plethora of solutions including doc, PDF, Mobi and other transformation.

For any queries or to place an order with regards to ePub conversion services contact us via email or call us directly. Our friendly yet professional team is always available to assist you!

ePub Conversion Process


Digitization requirements, typeset books like journals, articles, magazines, fiction and nonfiction novels, STM books, scanned and searchable images, PDF’S, doc, PageMaker, InDesign files and QuarkXPress files are provided as input in normal cases.


We initially scrutinize the requirement and plan the processes. This is followed by quality control planning which we take care of throughout the project. Listing of deliverables description, pilot run and production follows thereafter. After the final QC, the file is uploaded safely onto secure FTP.


QC documentation and further service support scope is defined. Outputs are moved through safest possible means and you get them in the formats you specify. Some common formats mostly demanded are fixed layout, kindle, epub2, epub3, azw, interactive eBook, xml, mobi, flash, html5 and scorm packages

Services Categories:

Various service categories we support in this domain include Newsletters, Directories, Journals, Magazines, Technical documents.

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