DTD Development

DTD Development

Every publisher is faced with the task of DTD (Document Type Definition) development process. Zenhancer offers you the services of our DTD and Schema development specialists, who fulfill your needs for both print and electronic publishing.

Our expert team has worked with all industry standard DTDs/Schemas and has been able to execute most effective DTD development across various formats of outputs and different channel outputs. Zenhancer has handled both Journal and Book DTDs in XML. We can develop custom DTDs for specific projects and for specific content use. These could be integrated for ebooks and print books

In the past, zenhancer has efficiently used XML Schema for providing support to various types of publishers including eBooks and ePUB publishers, as well as scientific, technical, medical, historical and academic text book publishers

From analyzing your project requirements to developing, refining, and documenting the DTD or schema, we create well-structured, efficient and dynamic end-products for publishers.

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