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A blog is the easiest and most cost effective way of driving traffic to your website. It’s a great way of generating fresh content – which keeps your website at the top of search engine rankings for your niche – building your brand, and having a dynamic, open conversation with your target audience.

You’ve already set up a corporate blog, so what do you do with it? You now need to implement a full business blogging strategy.

We provide SEO friendly business blogging services and social media distribution starting with the creation of high quality, informative content and ending with the integration of the blog posts into a vast range of measurable social media networks.

Our dedicated Account Teams are highly engaged with the vast range of online platforms and metrics to ensure we deliver the very best solution and service at an affordable price.

By continuously engaging with your customers and prospects through this online medium ensures a significant increase of buzz and traffic to your website, improved placing within search engines and successfully facilitates top of funnel leads.

Business blogging is one of the most versatile online resources available and at The Zenhancer Technologies, we focus on utilizing business blogging to assist our clients with exceeding their online goals.

Better company-customer communication. Increased search engine positioning. Improved lead generation. Event sign-ups. Whatever the goals are, we can make sure business blogging exceeds them.

Without doubt, this is a corporate tool for communicating with your customers, employees or prospects to share knowledge and expertise. You are only one step away from your business blogs sweeping your target community at a rapid rate.

List of Services

  • Blog host writing and management
  • Professional blog training for employees
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) blogging
  • Recruitment blogging
  • Internal communication blogging
  • Blog post distribution through social media
  • Social media metrics reporting
  • Online press release writing
  • E-mail content creation
  • Website content development
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks

Your blog writing service

With Zenhancer Technologies as your preferred blog writer, you can be confident that your blogs will be written in your brand’s ‘tone of voice’, in a way that will connect with your target audience, keep the traffic coming to your website and increase awareness of your products and services.

Quirky, fun, informed – whatever your preferred writing style or chosen topic – our blog writing service can help, with fresh, engaging SEO blog posts that’ll keep your customers coming back for more, and which search engines will love. Just tell us your preferred schedule – weekly or fortnightly – and we’ll do the rest.

A quick look at what you get with our blog writing service:

  • Blog topics
  • A blog schedule
  • Aligned with your marketing plan
  • Strategic advice on how best to position and market your blog online
  • Advice on using the blog for lead generation
  • Researching, writing and editing the blog itself
  • Optimized for search (not much point in writing a blog nobody can find online, is there?)
  • Blog metadata
  • We even upload for some clients.

Clients love our blog writing service, because they do not have to worry about anything – we do it all.

Product Blogging

Product promotion blogs are a great way to push awareness about a company’s products and the different features they have whilst maintaining customer loyalty and essentially increasing sales.

Lead Generation Blogging

Lead generation blogs can be used as a standalone source to acquire prospects. They can also be used to assist an existing marketing activity, sales promotion or event to increase visibility and acquire fresh top of funnel leads.

Brand Exposure Blogging

Need to show the world your brand? Our SEO friendly brand exposure blogs will ensure your business stands out amongst the competition. A brand must strive towards finding its own niche within its niche online. We deliver a strong continuity between SEO marketing and the experience that the customer gets when doing business with the company.

Internal Communications Blogging

Corporate blogs, generally accessed through the corporation's Intranet, are content that any employee can view. Corporate blogs are published and used by an organization to reach its organizational goals. The advantage is that posts and comments are easy to reach and follow due to centralized hosting and generally structured conversation threads.

The Zenhancer Technologies | Giving You The Very Best SEO Friendly Business Blogging Services

User generated content isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s fast becoming the only way to ensure your product pages stand out in search engine results, attract search traffic and deliver the conversion rates you need.

Your audience and search engines look for content that is fresh, relevant, trustworthy and authentic and that is exactly what Zenhancer Technologies delivers globally with our business blogging services.

There's much more to successful SEO than keywords and back links - fresh, quality, informative content is not only a necessity for your customers, but to assist with your position in the search engines, too.

Your business blogging efforts must be part of an integrated, multi-channel approach that you regularly measure and adapt, helping to ensure you drive frequent customer and prospect engagement.

Within a results driven digital marketing environment, our knowledgeable team strives to communicate with your target audience whilst impacted upon search engine optimization through the delivery of affordable and industry relevant business blog posts. We constantly drive traffic to our clients' websites, to their key market(s) and the media.

A small business, corporate or enterprise will all benefit from this unique service. Let our experts focus on finding new and innovative ways to interpret content around SEO.

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